Licorice Root & Hair Loss

Licorice supplement acts to prevent the conversion of testosterone to the more potent form, dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is produced by testosterone through a chemical reaction in the body requiring a certain enzyme. Too much DHT can cause hair loss, among other things.

Hair growth/health is supported by many other factors.

First and foremost, discontinue use of all shampoos and washes that contain synthetically derived substances such as phthalates, parabans, and benzophenones. These substances are bad for your hair and body. USe all natural shampoos that contain DHT blocking agents.

Thyroid function tests should be checked and if low, replaced with a natural hormone.

Supplements and vitamins that support hair groth should be consumed in sufficient quantities, such as vitamin A, biotin, zinc, selenium, saw palmetto, and ashwagandha.

Massaging the scalp to increase blood flow has also shown to be beneficial. Shampoos that relax smooth muscles, and thus, create more blood flow (minoxidil) also can help.

Learn to manage your stress! Stress can cause hair loss by blocking conversion of an inactive thyroid hormone to an active thyroid hormone.

Unfortunately, none of the above work to generate new hair growth.

PRP, Platelet Rich Protein, derived from a person's own blood has become the gold standard in hair rejuvenation. This procedure uses highly concentrated growth factors to stimulate the hair follicle to start regrowing hair. Once the hair follicle is "awoken", growth can be supported by all of the above.


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